2-Leg Height Adjustable Desk

If you are working within limited space constraints or a large executive office, there is only one dual leg desk that can meet your needs: That's the S2S-100. This ultra stable adjustable height height desk telescopes to meet desk tops ranging from 43" to over 80" long. The S2S-101 Independent Dual Leg Desk can even meet smaller desk requirements. The S2S Electric Height (23”-50”) & Width (42.25”-74”) Adjustable Desk with Laminate Surface (S2S-100) is a truly special sit–to-stand desk. The under-top support beam is width adjustable; its telescoping frame gives you the freedom to change tabletop sizes without having to buy a new base! There’s no crossbeam to interfere with knee clearance or gear and expands from 42.25” to 74”. The S2S Height & Width Adjustable Desk with Laminate Surface is equipped with 2 durable legs (offered in charcoal gray or black) are powder coated which aid with scratch resistance. With its dual (one per leg) electric motors, this 3 stage system allows the desk to silently rise from a mere height of 23” to 50”. The desk offers a 335 lbs. lifting capacity(tested at 400lbs). Lastly, the desk is equipped (as a standard not an upgrade), with a programmable memory - 4 presets with digital LED height readout (quick touch presets - no need to hold the buttons down as with other desk lines).