No other arm on the market moves like the new ErgOvation, the revolutionary keyboard support system from Ergoprise. Designed to offer a greater range of motion and maximum user comfort and safety. The 19” Phenolic keyboard tray with mouse over tray provides a solid, lowprofile keyboard solution. The ErgoOvation Keyboard Tray System offers a lever-less arm that provides independent height and tilt adjustment from 6.13" below the desk to 2.25" above the desk. Track length is 17" long. Features - New - height indicator gauge; patent pending: Allows users to easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort, productivity and greater ADA compliance - Patented dial tilt adjustment: Tilt dial shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob; also easy to use and provides greater ADA compliance - Molded head tray constructed of durable engineered resin: Lighter weight; added stability design allows higher height range; superior ergonomic form - Ergonomic styling, low profile design: Maximum comfort and leg room - Patented spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock™ counter balancing system (no knobs or levers): Precise adjustments are quick and easy - 5 1/2" standard length neck: Accommodates straight desktops with limited space - Dual swivel option: Allows keyboard tray to be parallel to the desk even when corner-mounted - 360 degree swivel: User can move keyboard freely from side to side - Promotes healthier negative tilt of keyboard, reducing risk of repetitive stress injury
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The Support Mechanisms will be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship and will perform their specified function under normal installation. In conjunction with the warranty offered by the Purchaser to its customers (copy must be provided and approved by Ergoprise in writing), the manufacturer agrees to repair or replace with a new Support Mechanism, parts or any part proven defective after inspection by its authorized representative during the warranty period of the Purchaser. Certain components or parts of the Support Mechanism that provide height adjustment or reduction in closing forces shall be warranted for a period of 5 years from the date of sale, this includes: adjustable height arms and workstations. Should a problem occur in the field under normal usage during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at manufacture’s election, such Support Mechanism, parts or part at no cost to the Purchaser, which will be manufacturer’s sole obligation under this warranty. The Purchaser must contact the manufacturer directly or it’s authorized company representative in writing for any warranty claim to be processed. The following is required in order to process warranty claims effectively: • Specific nature and date of the problem • Manufacturing date code of the Part • Proof of purchase and the approved Purchaser warranty Any warranted items to be returned to the manufacturer must receive prior written authorization by the manufacturer’s Customer Service Department as evidenced by an assigned Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number. Manufacture will not be liable under this warranty for the removal or reinstallation costs, the misuse, abuse, improper storage, unauthorized modification or repair to the Support Mechanism. THESE WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER WRITTEN OR EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO,THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, and that the warranty of repair or replacement is in lieu of all liabilities or obligations of the manufacturer for damages including consequential damages for which the manufacturer may be found responsible in conjunction with the delivery, use or performance of the Support Mechanisms and without limitation, the end user’s misapplication of the Purchaser’s product.
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