S2S Independent Height Adjustable Desk Legs Stiffener

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9.50 LBS
$11.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
S2S Independent Height Adjustable Desk Legs Stiffener
S2S Independent Height Adjustable Desk Legs Stiffener Due to environmental influences, sagging may occur unless the table top is supported properly. Since S2S has no control over how table tops will be installed, we can only warranty our product against sagging when and if the proper precautions have been taken. Steel stiffeners are a required accessory for table tops with a span of 45” or greater between supports. Even with a stiffener, the maximum unsupported span should not exceed 60." As it is your responsibility to determine if a stiffener is necessary, stiffeners are not included in the table top price, and are not automatically added to your order. Stiffeners will be shipped loose and are to be-field installed. Kits include required mounting screws. Placement: Optimal stiffener placement is in the center, directly between the base plates/panels, however, it can be placed up to 6” off the center. If the stiffener must be placed further off center,it is highly recommended that two parallel stiffeners are placed on either side of the base plates. Please carefully factor in the dimensions and location of your base hardware/plates when determining which size stiffener to order.