About Us


S2S Desks is a certified, woman-owned, multi-brand OEM of high quality Ergonomic desks and office equipment designed to offer a more comfortable and productive work environment, which is located in Austin, Texas.

Our mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics as well as the products that create a healthy work-space, prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and provide for worker comfort. We support your need for cost effective, productivity enhancing workplace solutions that are designed for the well-being of your enterprise, medical, industrial, and home office workers. We do this by providing:

+ A broad selection of high quality products

+ Complete product information including key decision factors

+ Educational information to promote well-researched decisions

+ Personalized, decision making assistance

+ Superior customer service both before and after the sale

+ A wide range of corporate, educational, government, and re-seller services