Black Mahogany S2S Uprise Desk

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  • Black S2S Uprise Desk Base with Mahogany Table Top
  • Double Sided Mahogany & Cherry Table Top
  • S2S Uprise Desk Base
  • S2S Uprise Desk Base
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The S2S Uprise Standing Desk Stands Tall Among its Electric Standing Desk Competitors... With its contemporary lifting columns, this adjustable stand desk base will amaze you with its functionality, reliability and unique components that will define itself amongst others in the marketplace. Rather than lock yourself in any particular sized base the desk is both adjustable in height and width! This adjustable height desk base telescopes from 44.5" wide to 74" wide, so the base is ideal for work surfaces ranging from 46" wide to over 84" wide. The Uprise Desk is ideal for anyone whom wishes to sit, stand or even add a treadmill so you can sit, stand and walk at your desk. This ergonomic standing desk with its thee stage columns ranges in height from 24" to 50" (this includes a desktop). The Uprise Desk has been weight tested at 400 lbs. Our base is certified at 800 Newtons per lifting column which equates to 180 lbs for a single column base, 360 lbs for a two column base and 540 lbs for the 3 column desk. With its sturdy 3 stroke lifting column the Uprise Desk moves at an astonishing 1.7" per second. Not only will you be surprised by the speed, you will immediately not hear the normal groaning and grinding noise associated with most desk motors. This desk outranks its rivals by offering an uncompromising noise level of only 39 dB (whisper quiet) when being operated. The lack of noise is ideal for collaborative or cubicle settings & perfect for the home office environment as well.Type a description for this product here... Features: Telescopes from 44.5” to 74” which accommodates desk tops from 46” to 80” plus wide Speed: raises/lowers at 1.7” per seconds up to 180lbs (including table top) 1.4" per second at 230 lbs to 275 lbs. 3 stroke lifting column raises & lowers from 24” to 50.75” high 360 lbs lifting power 39dB level (whisper quiet) 0.06W standby power consumption (one of the most green electric desks in the market) Power consumption use in 280W Anti-collision feature Soft start/stop feature (least friction on the gears) Control Box: maximum output: 29V DC, 10.0A Safety Functions: Overheat protection Overload protection Timeout/leg unbalance protection 5 year warranty 4 position LED Pre-set controller.
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5 year
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