S2S Height Adjustable Desk - S2S-100

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125.00 LBS
$99.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

S2S Height Adjustable Desk  - S2S-100

From a Small Height Adjustable Desk to Large, One S2S-100 Base Size Fits All!   

Height Adjustable Desks allow companies to easily fit the workspace to people of different heights and body types as well and those with disabilities and back problems.  Employers investing in electric sit-stand desks are achieving great advantages. Employees that are happier, healthier and more productive which converts into cost savings and an improved working environments.

The S2S Height & Width Adjustable Desk with Laminate Top is unique amongst the popular brands of height adjustable desks.  First and foremost the desk line is sensibly priced so it can be procured by individuals as well as businesses.  Do not let the affordable price fool you, the quality of the desk is phenomenal.  The base is width adjustable so if the space needs change (i.e. utilizing the desk from an office space to a home office) the only new item to procure would be the top which is far less expensive than purchasing an entire new desk.  The desk has tremendous height adjustment which makes the desk ideal for the petite to the very tall!   Choose from 4 standard quickship color choices of Rainer Cherry, Black, Folkstone & Sugar Maple.  Other laminate colors are available.  The Laminate tabletops are offered in an array sizes from 24”D x 48”L to 30”D x 78”.   

The S2S Electric Height (22”-48”) & Width (48”-78”) Adjustable Desk with Laminate Surface by Ergoprise (S2S-100) is a truly special sit–to-stand desk.  The under-top support beam is width adjustable; its telescoping frame gives you the freedom to change tabletop sizes without having to buy a new base!  There’s no crossbeam to interfere with knee clearance or gear and expands from 48” to 78”.  Only one base size to be considered with the use of multiple sized tops.   This is a very affordable component since most desks lines require the purchase of entire new desk if the space needs change.  The S2S Height & Width Adjustable Desk with Laminate Surface is equipped with 2 durable legs (offered in charcoal gray or black) are powder coated which aid with scratch resistance.  With its electric motor, this 3 stage system allows the desk to silently rise from a mere height of 22” to 48”.  The desk offers a 330 lbs. lifting capacity.  Lastly, the desk is equipped (as a standard not an upgrade), with a programmable memory - 4 presets with digital LED height readout (quick touch presets - no need to hold the buttons down as with other desk lines).

 S2S Desk Features:

  •  Programmable memory - 4 presets with digital LED height readout (quick touch presets - no need to hold the buttons down any more)
  • Adjustable width telescoping frame that accommodates tops from 48"to 78."   
  • Desk Raises & Lowers at 1.5" per second speed
  • 330 lbs lift capacity - our desk base has been tested with various weights and this is where we set the max lift capacity. Our desk lifts 400 lbs (moving at .35"/sec), but to assure a good user experience, we set it at 330 (which has double the speed). Our desks are tested through 20,000 cycles.
  • Full range height (22" - 48")
  • Our control box includes: soft start/stop, hall sensor for speed and alignment
S2S Desks warrants to the original purchaser that the products it manufactures are free from defects in design, material and workmanship. With prompt written notice, S2S Desks will repair or replace, free of charge, any product, part or component which fails under normal use as a result of such defect. The following exceptions to the limited lifetime warranty do apply: • Electric components and motors are limited to 3 years, under normal operational conditions, subject to the inspection and determination of the manufacturer. This warranty does not apply to: • Damage in shipment caused by a carrier • Defects caused by improper installation • COM or third party materials applied to the products • Customer modifications to the product • Products subject to improper use and conditions